About the Personal Care Plan

The first step in making arrangements for the future monitoring of services provided for a family member with a disability is the development of a Personal Care Plan.

This plan is developed as a result of one or more personal "one-on-one" meetings with the person with a disability and other interested parties. The Plan is written in detail to provide services presently and in the future with the following key questions being asked:

  • What supports are needed now?
  • What supports may be needed in the future?
  • Who will take responsibility in the future for the person with a disability?
  • What financial arrangements need to be made to carry out the Plan?

What areas of care will be included in the Personal Care Plan?

  • Current and future housing needs
  • Daily activities and interests
  • Social, recreational, religious activities
  • Transportation to events, medical appointments
  • Comprehensive medical/dental information
  • Legal information such as: wills, living wills, advance directives and funeral planning
  • Special arrangements specific to the client